Risk factors and pathogenesis of cholesterol gallstones: State of the art

Amigo L.; Zanlungo S.; Mendoza, H; Miquel, J.F; Nervi, F

Keywords: prevalence, gene, risk, pathogenesis, cholesterol, bile, secretion, humans, human, cholestasis, cholelithiasis, formation, review, control, factor, environmental, stone, heredity, factors


The aim of this article is to present an update of selected aspects of the pathogenesis and risk factors of cholesterol gallstones, a highly prevalent Western disease. The etiology of cholesterol cholelithiasis is considered to be multifactorial, with interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Mechanisms of cholesterol lithogenesis include biliary cholesterol hypersecretion, supersaturation and crystallization, stone formation and growth, and bile stasis within the gallbladder. Each of these various steps could be under genetic control and/or be influenced through intermediate pathogenic steps linked to a variety of environmental factors.

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