Attempts at Applying Cloning to the Conservation of Species in Danger of Extinction

Rojas, Mariana; Venegas, Felipe; Montiel, Enrique; Servely, Jean-Luc; Vignon, Xavier; Guillomot, Michel


The somatic cloning by transfer of the nuclei of differentiated adult cells to previously enucleated oocytes is a promising technique for the production of embryos of high genetic value. The better mastering of somatic cloning gives us the possibility to produce embryos from endangered species. The huemul is an Andean native deer, that has been declared an endangered species, it holds a great patrimonial value and it is a Chilean national emblem. In Chile the huemul has the status of protected animal on thirteen Parks and National Reserves managed by Corporacion Nacional Forestal (CONAF). This protection, however, is considered insufficient due to the few geographical connections between the different protected areas. Furthermore, a great proportion of these areas are not subjected to use or they do not constitute adequate habitats. Many authors have proposed that the use of biotechnological methods in reproduction and assisted procreation may help conservational programs orientated to the protection of deer species threatened by extinction. All the anterior prompted us to initiate this study concerning the production of cloned huemul embryos

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Título según SCIELO: Attempts at Applying Cloning to the Conservation of Species in Danger of Extinction
Título de la Revista: International Journal of Morphology
Volumen: 23
Número: 4
Editorial: Dr. Mariano Del Sol. Universidad de la Frontera, Chile.
Fecha de publicación: 2005
Página de inicio: 329
Página final: 336
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