Bárbara Fuentes; María de la Luz Mora; Nanthi Bolan; Ravendra Naidu; Ravendra Naidu


This chapter presents a review of the factors that influence the bioavailability of phosphorus (P) compounds in the dynamic soil environment, particularly the P compounds recovered from organic waste. The studies discussed in the chapter show the current trend to maximize the use of P from residues. This makes necessary knowledge of the P species, evolution and their interaction in the residues, and their subsequent fate in the soil environment. In terms of crop-land application, organic wastes and various organic and inorganic P compounds have different levels of bioavailability, depending on the type and treatment of wastes and the characteristics of the soil. The chapter discusses concepts related to phosphorus compounds in soil environment and thesoil factors influencing phosphorus bioavailability, and also elaborates on the phosphorus adsorption reactions. Soil organic acids and their influence on phosphorus bioavailability are described along with soil use and phosphorus bioavailability later in the chapter. . Ffractionation of soil phosphorus is described and phosphorus compounds recovered from sludges are also reviewed in the chapter.

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