The carbonate radical and related oxidants derived from bicarbonate buffer

Augusto, Ohara; Trindade, Daniel F.; Medinas, Danilo B.; Cerchiaro, Giselle


The unequivocal demonstration that the carbonate radical (CO3 circle-) is produced from the reaction between the ubiquitous carbon dioxide and peroxynitrite, renewed the interest in the pathogenic roles of oxidants derived from the main physiological buffer, the bicarbonate-carbon dioxide pair. Here, we review the biochemical properties of both the carbonate radical and peroxymonocarbonate (HCO4-), and discuss the evidence of their formation under physiological conditions. Overall, the review emphasizes the recognition of the biological relevance of oxidants derived from the main physiological bu. er as a crucial step into the understanding and control of numerous pathological states.

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Editorial: Wiley
Fecha de publicación: 2007
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