¿Movilidad o interacción?: objetos “no-utilitarios” en contextos arcaico tardío del extremo norte de Chile.

Castillo, C., Sepúlveda, M.; Sepúlveda, M., Alday, C., Castillo, C., Oyaneder, A.

Keywords: northern chile, mobility, late archaic, social networks, Non utilitarian objects


The late Archaic hunters gather mobility in highland northern Chile highlands has been usually interpreted in relation to food resources obtaining or lithics raw materials. It means, from an economic focus, and specially restricted he subsistence sphere. Nevertheless, there are evidences of exotic or/and sumptuary objects, that allow discuss another economic and social dimensions of theses groups. These evidences usually has been named in an imprecision and asystematic way, when actually they have an important potential to materialize information flows and interaction networks between different and specialized social groups. Consistently our work discusses, from these objects called instrumentally “non utilitarian”, the social practices involved in the archaic hunther gatherer mobility in northern Chile, to complement the interpretations about the theme.

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