Warm G inflation: Intermediate model

Herrera, R; Videla, N; Olivares, M


A warm-intermediate inflationary universe model is studied in the presence of the Galileon coupling G(phi, X) = g(phi)X. General conditions required for successful inflation are deduced and discussed from the background and cosmological perturbations under slow-roll approximation. In our analysis we assume that the dynamics of our model evolves accordingly two separate regimes, namely 3g<(phi) over dot>H >> 1 + R, i.e., when the Galileon term dominates over the standard kinetic term and the dissipative ratio, and second in the regime where both 3g<(phi) over dot>H and R become of the same order than unity. For these regimes and assuming that the coupling parameter g = g(0) = constant, we consider two different dissipative coefficients Gamma; one constant and the other being a function of the inflaton field. Furthermore, we find the allowed range in the space of parameters for our warm G model by considering the latest data of Planck and also the BICEP2/Keck-Array data from the r = r(n(s)) plane, in combination with the conditions in which the Galileon term dominates and the thermal fluctuations of the inflaton field predominate over the quantum ones.

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Título según WOS: Warm G inflation: Intermediate model
Título de la Revista: PHYSICAL REVIEW D
Volumen: 100
Número: 2
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Idioma: English


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