Isograft and xenograft of the subcommissural organ into the lateral ventricle of the rat and the formation of Reissner's fiber

Rodriguez, S; Navarrete, EH; Vio, K; Gonzalez, C; Schobitz, K; Rodriguez, EM


The subcommissural organ (SCO) secretes glycoproteins into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that aggregate and form Reissner's fiber (RF). The factors involved in this aggregation are not known. One factor may be the hydrodynamics of the CSF when flowing through the aqueduct. This hypothesis was tested by isografting rat SCO and xenografting bovine SCO into the lateral ventricle of rats. Xenografts were either fresh bovine SCO or explants cultured for 30 days before transplantation. The grafts were investigated by electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry using antibodies against RF glycoproteins, serotonin and the glucose transporter I. Maximal time of transplantation was 43 days for isografts and 14 days for xenografts. The isografts were not reinnervated but were revascularized; they secreted into the ventricle RF glycoproteins that became progressively packed into pre-RE and RF structures identical to those formed by the SCO in situ. RF was confined to the host ventricle and at its distal end the constituent proteins disassembled. Xenografts were neither reinnervated nor revascularized and secreted into the host ventricle a material that never formed an RE These findings indicate that the CSF factor responsible for the formation of RF is species specific, and that this process does not depend on the hydrodynamics of the CSF. The blood vessels revascularizing the isografted SCO acquired the characteristics of the vessels irrigating the SCO in situ, namely, a tight endothelium displaying glucose transporter I, and a perivascular space containing long-spacing collagen, thus indicating that basal release of glycoproteins may also occur in the grafted SCO.

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Fecha de publicación: 1999
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