Modelos mentales de madres y padres que están o han estado en proceso de rehabilitación de drogodependencia respecto de sus prácticas de crianza

Hernández, Sarai; Vidal , Daisy; Silva, Marcelo

Keywords: crianza, modelos mentales, prácticas, drogodependencia


This article describes the differences in parenting practices in the context of consumption and non-consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, found in the mental models of mothers and fathers who are or have been in the process of drug addiction rehabilitation. The discourses of six fathers and mothers, with children in childhood and adolescence, who are or have undergone a treatment process for consumption are studied, regardless of the type of treatment carried out. It constitutes a qualitative investigation based on a Structural Analysis of Discourses. The methodology and techniques used were selected in order to investigate the elements found in the thoughts of the interviewees to later achieve the construction of Mental Models. The people interviewed were selected through convenience sampling

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