Valorization of Wheat Crop Waste in Araucania, Chile: Development of Prototype of Thermal Insulation Material for Blowing Technique and Geographical Analysis

Javier, Rojas Herrera Carlos; Rojas, Carlos; Karin, Rodriguez Neira; Pablo, Cardenas-Ramirez Juan; Cárdenas-Ramírez, Juan Pablo


Houses in the operational stage consume around 40% of the world's energy, and most of it is consumed by air conditioning. This generates several problems, especially in cities, where biomass combustion is the most widely used form of heating. For this reason, environmental regulation works in parallel with energy efficiency, where efficient and low-impact thermal insulating materials are key to reduce the energy demand and fuel consumption to generate comfort in dwellings. This work considers the valorization of wheat straw from the Araucania region of Chile, to develop a prototype for a thermal insulating material applied through the blowing technique. The results show the insulation potential of the fiber, which, in post-chopping conditions and at an average density of 80 [kg/m(3)], has thermal conductivity of 0.034 [W/mK]. This value is much better than that of glass wool and other inorganic materials sold in the Chilean market. In addition, the developed material can be incorporated into partitions using the blowing technique, improving the execution time for the thermal insulation section. Finally, it is indicated that a good option to install a processing plant is in the central valley of the region, specifically in the communes of Victoria and Perquenco.

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