Uncovering the Work–Family Interface: The Impact of Facilitators and Stressors on the Health of Farm Women

Mora-Guerrero, Gloria; Herrera-González, Fernanda De los Angeles; Constanzo-Belmar, Jorge; Alveal-Álamos, Carolina; Viscardi, Sharon


Work–family interface (WFI) theory has identified many stressors that influence work–family dynamics from the standpoint of employees. However, work–family facilitators, as well as the effects of gender differences and the impact of sociocultural environments that differ from a formal employment situation, have received much less attention. Our research aimed to fill these theoretical gaps by analyzing the facilitators and stressors involved in work–family dynamics and determining their consequences for farm women’s physical, psychological, and social health. We used a qualitative method with a grounded theory design to collect data via semi-structured interviews with 46 farm women from the region of Araucanía in Chile. Our results explain how facilitators, stressors, and outcomes take place in a process of work–family balance that, paradoxically, implies exhausting journeys, a gender-based overload, a risk of diffuse body pain and distress, and a lack of time for personal healthcare and productive autonomy. Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach involving improved healthcare infrastructure and services focused on changing the pressures that the farming WFI exerts on rural women.

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Fecha de publicación: 2023