Intermittent fasting for health care, a review

Valentina, Espinoza; Carolina, Alarcon; Yaroleth, Contreras; Fabiana, Sepulveda; Emilia, Bustos; Palisi, Angelica; Angelica, Palisi; Viscardi, Sharon; Sharon, Viscardi


Intermittent fasting for health care, a review. The incidence of obesity and overweight in the world has been increasing in recent years due to poor diet and lack of physical activity; people suffering obesity and overweight, related with malnutrition due to excess, often resort to calorie restriction diets that are usually not very effective. In this context, intermittent fasting (IF) has become popular due to the possibilities for weight loss that it offers. This diet consists of alternating periods of fasting with unrestricted eating; however, its effectiveness and consequences are unknown to most users. This narrative review analyzes whether intermittent fasting contributes to the improvement of body and metabolic composition. The purpose of the review was to examine the available data on the contribution of intermittent fasting to the improvement of body and metabolic composition, in order to provide information and to define the parameters that condition safe achievement of its benefits. IF dieting triggers adaptive cell responses that cause a decrease in lipid oxidative stress markers in individuals with obesity and prediabetes. Metabolic alterations have been found to go hand in hand with the alteration of circadian rhythms; if IF contributes to this effect, it may assist in treating and preventing obesity and associated diseases. However, there are also disadvantages, such as the loss of lean muscle mass by wasting, and increased hypoglycemia. Arch Latinoam Nutr 2023; 73(1): 60-73. Resumen: desventaja de aumento alimentacion que la restriccion este popularizado peso de embargo, para analiza de de la de de condicionan Se de si prevenir embargo, de hipoglucemia.

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