CEBs with GRC: Fabrication, characterization, modeling, and correlation with microstructural fracture features

Valenzuela, Marian; Leiva, Jorge; Salas, A.; Ciudad, Gustavo A.; Cárdenas-Ramírez, Juan Pablo; Onate Soto, Angelo; Hunter, Renato; Attia, Shady; Tuninetti, Victor


In this study, earth blocks (EB) and compressed earth blocks (CEB) are fabricated and investigated along with the development of a mathematical model of compressive and tensile loads. The investigated specimens are manufactured from a mixture of soil, ground recycled concrete (GRC) powder and water in weight fractions of 4:1:1. EBs are molded and CEBs are obtained by quasi-static compression in wet state. Material samples extracted from the blocks are tested in dry state for compressive strength and three-point flexural strength according to ASTM standards. The results indicate that CEB exhibits 130% higher compressive load capacity and 63% higher tensile strength compared to EB. Furthermore, the proposed and calibrated mathematical model is able to adequately describe the strength and damage behavior of both materials. Finally, microstructural/micromechanical interrelationships with the modeled material response are established based on a characterization of postmortem CEB samples using EDS elemental analysis and SEM micrographs techniques.

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Título de la Revista: Materials Today Communications
Volumen: 37
Fecha de publicación: 2023