A fuel distribution knowledge-based decision support system

Nussbaum M.; Sepúlveda M.; Cobian, A; Gaete, J; Parra E.; CRUZ J.


This paper reports the experience of solving the distribution problem for the biggest fuel company in Chile. A planning, execution and control system for fuel distribution was developed. It employs a knowledge-based approach that utilizes a graphical user interface which mimics the mental model of the user. An automatic scheduler solves the Capacity Vehicle Routing Problem. The solution can be manually modified so verifying system consistency. The system is running throughout the country, 13 sites, having a positive impact on the three types of player. Plant managers have increased fleet efficiency and customers receive a higher quality service. Finally, the central administration obtains a report once a month from each of the plants that allows the strong and weak aspects of each site to be analyzed. © 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd.

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