Effect of beta-aminoproprionitrile on eggshell formation

Arias J.L.; Cataldo M.; Fernández M.S.; Kessi, E


1. Eggshells are bioceramic-biopolymer composites made by a cell-mediated deposition of an extracellular matrix which drives the organisation of die inorganic phase. Ultrastructurally, eggshells are composed of shell membranes, mammillary knobs, palisade, and cuticle. Shell membranes are two nets of type X collagen-containing fibrils. On to these membranes, the mammillary knobs, that is, the crystal nucleation sites, are deposited. Type X collagen is highly cross-linked and insoluble. 2. In order to evaluate the role of type X collagen cross-linking on eggshell formation, hens were injected with different doses of ?-aminoproprionitrile, which specifically interferes with cross-link formation. 3. Changes in egg size and shape were observed. Scanning electron micrographs analysis of these eggs demonstrated marked changes in crystal growth and shell membrane structure and arrangement. A dot-blot analysis, using a monoclonal antibody against chicken type X collagen, shows a dose-dependent increase in shell membrane collagen extractability. 4. It is concluded that the formation of ?-aminoproprionitrile-sensitive cross-links among the type X collagen molecules of die shell membranes play an essential role in normal eggshell formation.

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