Multiple inverted-V structures and hot plasma pressure gradient mechanism of plasma stratification

Antonova E.E.; Teltzov, M. V.; Tverskoy, B. A.; Stepanova, M. V.


A mechanism of plasma stratification within the inner plasma sheet is discussed. It is suggested that plasma pressure is isoptropic and particle motion is unmagnetized for the spatial scales in which the structures are formed. The solution of the magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction problem shows that upward field-aligned current may split into separate structures. The number of structures formed is determined by a parameter which depends on upward field-aligned current density, field-aligned current band width, hot magnetospheric ion temperature, and height-integrated Pedersen ionospheric conductivity. The Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 satellite base data has been used to identify events of multiple inyerted-V structures. It is shown that the hot stratification plasma mechanism offers a good description of the number of observed structures. Copyright 1998 by the American Geophysical Union.

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Título de la Revista: Journal of Geophysical Research
Volumen: 103
Número: A5
Fecha de publicación: 1998
Página de inicio: 9317
Página final: 9332