Microstructures in thin BaTiO3 films by hydrothermal method

Hoffmann, T.; Fuenzalida, V.M.

Keywords: films, electron, microstructure, growth, crystal, electrochemistry, silicon, barium, ray, microscopy, platinum, film, substrates, titanium, dielectric, method, hydrothermal, ferroelectric, crystallography, scanning, Materials, X, wafers, titanate, Photoresists, Lift-off


Barium titanate microstructures are fabricated on silicon(100)/platinum substrates coated with photoresist and titanium by a combination of hydrothermal and lift-off techniques. The microstructures of 10 ?m width are well defined. The barium titanate films grow in its cubic phase. Analysis by means of x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy shows that only a part of the titanium layer is affected by the hydrothermal reaction. This limitation may be overcome by application of electrochemistry.

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