Histone genes in Trypanosomatids

Galanti N.; Galindo, M; Sabaj V; Espinoza, I; Toro G.C.

Keywords: sequence, acid, dna, weight, trypanosoma, replication, homology, molecular, review, analysis, genetic, histone, eukaryote, amino, nonhuman


Histone genes in Trypanosomatids are of considerable interest because these flagellates do not condense their chromatin during mitosis. In contrast to higher eukaryotes, histone genes in Trypanosomatids are found on separate chromosomes, and their transcripts are polyadenylated. Sequence similarity of Trypanosomatid core histones with those of higher eukaryotes is found predominantly in the globular region; the N-terminal is highly divergent. Finally, in general, Trypanosomatid histones H1 are of low molecular weight, bearing closest homology to the C-terminal region of the higher eukaryote histones H1. These features constitute interesting targets for a rational approach to the study of these protozoa, as discussed here by Norbel Galanti and colleagues.

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