Inhibition of styrene polymerization by ?-nitrostyrene. A novel inhibition mechanism

Encinas, M., V; Lissi E.A.; Norambuena E.

Keywords: spectroscopy, inhibition, weight, nitrogen, mechanism, resonance, copolymerization, nuclear, nitrostyrene, oxides, molecular, magnetic, Polystyrenes


The AIBN-initiated polymerization of ?-nitrostyrene, as well as its copolymerization with styrene, is negligible. Millimolar concentrations of nitro compound lead to a notable decrease of the polymerization rate of styrene and the molecular weight of the produced polymers. These results, together with the NMR analysis of the polymers, show that ?-nitrostyrene acts as a strong inhibitor of styrene polymerization. A mechanism that involves the release of NO2 is proposed to explain the behavior of ?-nitrostyrene as inhibitor.

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Fecha de publicación: 1998
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