New liquid crystals containing the benzothiazol unit: Amides and azo compounds

Belmar J.; Parra,M; Zúñiga C.; Pérez, C.; Munoz, C; Omenat A.; Serrano J.L.


Two series of calamitic liquid crystals containing a benzothiazole ring within the central core and two different linkage groups (amide and azo) have been prepared and their liquid crystalline properties studied and compared with those of the analogous series of imines. The influence of the linkage group within the central core has been proven to determine the variety of mesomorphism displayed by the compounds. The compounds with imine and azo linkages behave in a similar way and exhibit typical nematic and smectic C mesophases. Compounds incorporating an amide linkage show a poorer mesomorphism and mainly present a smectic C mesophase. ©1999 Taylor & Francis Ltd.

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Fecha de publicación: 1999
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