Electrochemical production of cuprous iodide using the anode-support system

Gana, R; Figueroa, M; Arancibia, V; Baeza, M.

Keywords: copper, energy, density, reduction, potassium, steel, electrolysis, dissolution, iodide, anodes, current, utilization, compounds, cathodes, Stainless, scrap, Polypropylenes, Cuprous, 316L


This paper describes the application of an anode-support system to the electrolytic production of cuprous iodide by the anodic dissolution of metallic copper in an acidic potassium iodide sol uti on. At the cathode the reduction of iodine to iodide is carried out. It has been determined that it is possible to utilize in the process an Al SI-316 L stainless steel mesh basket loaded with small pieces of high-grade copper scrap. Under the operating conditions used the AlSl-316 L stainless steel remains passive and acts only as an electrical contact between the copper pieces and the external current source. As cathode system, an AISI-316 L stainless steel mesh surrounded by a polypropylene diaphragm was utilized. As recommended operating conditions, a solution of Kl: 40 g dm 3 and 12: 20 g dm 3, pH: 1.8 ± 0.2, current density: 1.0 A dm 2, T: 20± 1°C, can be used. Good quality cuprous iodide powder (99.8% purity) was obtained. The energy consumption was 0.21 kWh (kg Cul) 1. © 1999 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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