"Estudio de una prenda textil asociada al inca en la costa norte de Chile (Camarones 9): Las ""manias"" que envuelven los cuerpos"

Ulloa, L; Standen, V.G.,; Gavilan, V


"This paper presents the study of a textile form, ""manias"" that are found in the grave goods of Inka fishermen that lived at the mouth of the Camarones river (Camarones 9) in the coast of northern Chile. The style of the mantas which wrapped and sealed the bodies are not well known in pre-inka and Inka textiles. Its presence and the variations found with different individuals, makes them an exceptional cultural material for comparative studies within the site as well as with other cemeteries. We present a physical anthropological analysis of the bodies and an ethnographic review of the role of textiles in modern Aymara communities, living in the region. We aim to find new clues to understand aspects of the Inka presence in northern Chile. © 2007 Universidad de Tarapacá Facultad de Ciencias Sociales Administrativas y Económicas Departamento de Antropología."

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Título de la Revista: Chungara
Volumen: 32
Número: 2
Editorial: Universidad de Tarapaca
Fecha de publicación: 2000
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