A new heterobimetallic Ru,Rh complex with a dianionic pentalene as bridging ligand. Synthesis, crystal structure, and catalytic activity of [Cp*Ru(?-? 5, ? 3-C 8H 6)Rh(? 4-COD)]

Burgos F.; Chavez, I; ManrÍquez J.M.; Valderrama M.; Lago, E; Molins, E; Delpech, F; Castel, A; Riviere, P

Keywords: chemistry, crystal, synthesis, structure, styrene, carbon, organometallic, monoxide, catalyst, organometallics, activity, pentalene, electronic, (chemical), Bimetals, Dianionic


The heterobimetallic complex [Cp*Ru(?-? 5, ? 3-C 8H 6)Rh(? 4-COD)] (2) is synthesized and characterized spectroscopically and structurally. The structure of this compound exhibits the two metal centers bonded in an anti disposition to the pentalenyl ligand. The displacement of the coordinated COD by carbon monoxide is studied. The bimetallic complex shows a high activity and selectivity for the dehydrogenative silylation of styrene.

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