The peopling of the Arica coast during the preceramic: A preliminary view

Arriaza B.T.; Standen, V.G.,; Belmonte, E; Rosello E.; Nials F.


"In this paper Chinchorro mobility and ecology will be presented. The research was accomplished as a multidisciplinary effort using surveys of the upper and lower coasts of Arica, excavations of two shell middens, and radiocarbon dating of 21 samples from mummies and middens. The following observations can be drawn from our ongoing study: 1) the peopling of the coast moved along the smooth paths from the upper coastal cordillera rather than the lower rocky coast; 2) there was intense preceramic occupation of the coast illustrated by Macarena, Hipodromo, Chinchorro, Citroen, Maderas Enco, Colon, Morro, Playa Miller 8, and Quiani cemeteries in Arica. Also the harvesting grounds of Punta Palomo, Punta Baquedano and El Muertito toward the south could have a preceramic component. The latter three sites are located at the bottom of steep cliffs and are accessible by zigzagging paths which are still visible along the slopes of the mountains; and 3) the ancient environment was milder than it is today. Water and plants were abundant based on the geomorphology of the ""chimbas"" and the fossilized pollen of graminaes and compositae found in the shell middens. © 2007 Universidad de Tarapacá."

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Título de la Revista: Chungara
Volumen: 33
Número: 1
Editorial: Universidad de Tarapaca
Fecha de publicación: 2001