A novel copper cobalt inorganometallic cluster. Synthesis, structure and bonding analysis of Cu 3{? 2-(CCHCo 2 (CO) 6)} 3

Vega A.; Calvo, V.; Spodine, E.; Zarate, A; Fuenzalida V.; Saillard J.-Y.

Keywords: copper, synthesis, metal, complex, structure, cobalt, article, analysis, calculation, chemical, Reaction


The reaction of the organometallic carboxylic acid HOOCCCHCo 2(CO) 6 with copper(II) methoxide leads to a new inorganometallic cluster; Cu 3{? 2-(CCHCo 2 (CO) 6)} 3. This cluster has a triangular core of copper(I) centers surrounded by three CCHCo 2(CO) 6 fragments. The structure of the cluster has short Cu-Cu and Cu-Co distances (average 2.500 and 2.540 Å, respectively). DFT calculations provide a rationalization of the peculiar bonding in this cluster.

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