The stratocumulus cloud in Tarapacá, Chile. Validation of the GOES images through real-time observations La nube estratocúmulo en Tarapacá, Chile. Validación de imágenes GOES mediante observación en tiempo real (17 al 26 de julio del año 2002)

Osses P.; Farias M.; Cereceda P.; Barria, C

Keywords: chile, america, south, world, hemisphere, stratocumulus, tarapaca, remote, western, sensing, Goes


The main goal of the present study was, to compare, to evaluate and to validate the records of the behavior in time and space of the Stratocumulus cloud deck obtained from GOES images, with field observations done during July 17 to 26 in 2002. The main results show the similarities among GOES images and real time field records, 92% and 79% for the evening and night respectively. The observations were done from the summit of Cerro Carrasco, 20° 55? south and 70° 05? west, 1.596 m.a.s.l.

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