Acquisition and maintenance of knowledge for online navigation suggestions

Velásquez J.D.; Yasuda, H.; Aoki, T; Weber R.

Keywords: systems, reduction, database, bases, discovery, knowledge, navigation, data, internet, mining, online, web, marketing, websites, in, mart, suggestions


The Internet has become an important medium for effective marketing and efficient operations for many institutions. Visitors of a particular web site leave behind valuable information on their preferences, requirements, and demands regarding the offered products and/or services. Understanding these requirements online, i.e., during a particular visit, is both a difficult technical challenge and a tremendous business opportunity. Web sites that can provide effective online navigation suggestions to their visitors can exploit the potential inherent in the data such visits generate every day. However, identifying, collecting, and maintaining the necessary knowledge that navigation suggestions are based on is far from trivial. We propose a methodology for acquiring and maintaining this knowledge efficiently using data mart and web mining technology. Its effectiveness has been shown in an application for a bank's web site. Copyright © 2005 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

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Título de la Revista: IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Número: 5
Editorial: Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication, Engineers, IEICE
Fecha de publicación: 2005
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