Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of respiratory virus infections among adults hospitalized during 2004 influenza season Perfil clínico-epidemiológico de las infecciones por virus respiratorios en adultos hospitalizados durante la estación de influenza 2004

Rabagliati B R.; Serri V M.; Perret P C.; Azocar A. T.; Habash A. L.; Ferrés G M; Guzman D. A.M.; Espinoza L.C.

Keywords: isolation, chile, purification, infections, infection, disease, outbreaks, virus, humans, human, male, adenovirus, aged, female, article, tract, viruses, adolescent, respiratory, influenza, adenoviridae, epidemic, studies, study, middle, comparative, a, and, virology, Aged,, 80, over, syncytial, pneumovirus, Retrospective, b, Influenza,, Paramyxovirus, Respirovirus


Background: During yearly influenza (FLU) season, FLU viruses are well represented among hospitalized patients as in the community. Also, other respiratory viruses could be represented among adult in-patients. Aim: to describe the presence and clinical- epidemiological characteristics of non-FLU respiratory virus infections (respiratory syncytial-RSV, parainfluenza and adenovirus-ADV) among hospitalized adults during FLU season and to compare with FLU-A (IA) or -B (IB) cases. Patients and Methods: Adult patients hospitalized at Hospital Clínico Universidad Católica between May to July 2004 with a respiratory virus infections confirmed by rapid antigen test or direct immunofluorescence of IA, IB (Flu group) or RSV, parainfluenza (1-2-3) and ADV (non-Flu group) were included. Results: 86 cases were identified: 73.5% FLU (48.2% IA, 25.3% IB) and 26.5% non-FLU (15.7% parainfluenza-2; 8.4% RSV; 1.2% parainfluenza-3; 1.2% ADV). No differences were observed in general characteristics and evolution of patients. In FLU-group were more frequently observed myalgia, cough, hospitalization due to febrile syndrome, higher values of C-reactive protein and band leukocytes count (p < 0.05). Conclusions: During 2004 FLU season a 26.5 % of respiratory viral infection were due to non-FLU viruses among adult hospitalized in our centre. The difficulty to difference FLU vs. non-FLU infections, suggest that it is necessary to include other respiratory virus in the viral etiological diagnosis, even in FLU season.

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