Hepatitis C in Chile: Burden of the disease Hepatitis C en Chile: Magnitud del problema

Soza R A.; Lopez-Lastra, M

Keywords: age, enzyme, chile, epidemiology, distribution, cirrhosis, assay, america, mortality, blood, cell, liver, risk, transplantation, carcinoma, tumor, virus, humans, human, hepatitis, aged, methodology, south, neoplasms, adult, rna, review, factor, viral, hepatocellular, chronic, latin, factors, studies, c, middle, RNA,, and, Enzyme-Linked, Immunosorbent, Carcinoma,, central, linked, Seroepidemiologic, C,


Hepatitis C virus-associated chronic hepatitis is one of the most important causes of liver-related mortality and morbidity worldwide. This review analysis the available clinical and epidemiological information about this disease in Chile and compares it with data available from Latin America and other countries. Chronic hepatitis C seroprevalence in the general Chilean population is 1.15% by ELISA III and 0.85% by recombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA). Mortality due to cirrhosis (all causes) in Chile is one of the highest in the world. We show indirect evidence that chronic hepatitis C may account for a significant proportion of these deaths. The disease is the most common cause for liver transplantation in adults. Based on the available information, we conclude that chronic hepatitis C is an important cause of disease and mortality in Chile.

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