Water landscapes in the Baker river basin: Conceptual basis for its integral valuation Los paisajes del agua en la cuenca del río Baker: Bases conceptuales para su valoracion integral

Munoz M.D.; Perez, L.; Sanhueza R.; Urrutia R.; Rovira, A

Keywords: quality, lake, basin, america, management, impact, planning, canada, river, landscape, social, environmental, north, cultural, Baker, Nunavut


Landscape concept implies several qualities and meanings. Considering this, a method for its integral appraisal is presented to be applied in the water landscapes in the river Baker basin, Aysén region. This it is an exceptional territory because of its heterogeneousness, singularity, and environmental quality, territorial and social importance of the aquatic systems that constitute it. The conceptual bases for the integral appraisal of these water landscapes has as reference for the analysis orientated to main cultural and physical qualities. The objective is to value these landscapes like spatial expression of a geographical context, as a setting for the action of the man, an identity bearer environment, an indicator of the environmental quality and a component of the territory that is essential to support determined activities, like tourism. An analysis oriented in the perspectives enunciated will permit to build a method of appraisal of the water landscapes that can support the river Baker basin management and other similar territories, rescuing the various meanings and functions of the landscape.

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Número: 36
Fecha de publicación: 2006
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