Mechanism and applications of the fenton reaction assisted by iron-reducing phenolic compounds Mecanismo e aplicações da reação de fenton assistida por compostos fenólicos redutores de ferro

Aguiar, A; Ferraz A.; Contreras D.; Rodriguez J.


The mechanism and applications of the Fenton reaction assisted by iron-reducing phenolic compounds (IRPC) is reviewed. The presence of IRPC leads to the formation of a larger number of free radicals. The relationship between the redox potential and the IRPC structure is discussed. The effect of humic substances in the degradation of xenobiotics is also included, since these substances are able to reduce metallic ions. The natural occurrence of Fe 3+/H2O2/IRPC in wood biodegradation processes, as well as their application is also discussed. The review concludes with the advantages of the Fe3+/H2O2/IRPC systems and some considerations for further process optimization and their applications at industrial levels.

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Número: 3
Fecha de publicación: 2007
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