Genome size estimation: A new methodology

Alvarez-Borrego, J; Lopez-Bonilla O.; Gallardo-Escarate, C; Kober V.

Keywords: size, dna, fluorescence, plants, animals, structure, genomic, image, molecular, analysis, genetic, intensity, cytogenetic, processing, engineering, (botany), Fading


"Recently, within the cytogenetic analysis, the evolutionary relations implied in the content of nuclear DNA in plants and animals have received a great attention. The first detailed measurements of the nuclear DNA content were made in the early 40's, several years before Watson and Crick proposed the molecular structure of the DNA. In the following years Hewson Swift developed the concept of ""C-value"" in reference to the haploid phase of DNA in plants. Later Mirsky and Ris' carried out the first systematic study of genomic size in animals, including representatives of the five super classes of vertebrates as well as of some invertebrates. From these preliminary results it became evident that the DNA content varies enormously between the species and that this variation does not bear relation to the intuitive notion from the complexity of the organism. Later, this observation was reaffirmed in the following years as the studies increased on genomic size, thus denominating to this characteristic of the organisms like the ""Paradox of the C-value"". Few years later along with the no-codification discovery of DNA the paradox was solved, nevertheless, numerous questions remain until nowadays unfinished, taking to denominate this type of studies like the ""C-value enigma"". In this study, we reported a new method for genome size estimation by quantification of fluorescence fading. We measured the fluorescence intensity each 1600 milliseconds in D API-stained nuclei. The estimation of the area under the graph (integral fading) during fading period was related with the genome size."

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Título de la Revista: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Volumen: 6422
Editorial: SPIE
Fecha de publicación: 2007