Allee effect, emigration and emmigration in a class of predator-prey models

Gonzales-Olivares E.; Mena-Lorca, J; Meneses-Alacay H.; Gonzalez-Yanez, B; F; ores J.D.

Keywords: dynamics, model, growth, size, population, life, prey, extinction, migration, species, paper, interaction, dominance, cycle, predator, coexistence, assessment, study, mathematical, computing, priority, journal, comparative, conference


In this work we analyze a predator-prey model proposed by A. Kent et al. in Ecol. Model. 162, 233 (2003), in which two aspect of the model are considered: an effect of emigration or immigration on prey population to constant rate and a prey threshold level for predators. We prove that the system when the immigration effect is introduced in the model has a dynamics that is similar to the Rosenzweig-MacArthur model. Also, when emigration is considered in the model, we show that the behavior of the system is strongly dependent on this phenomenon, this due to the fact that trajectories are highly sensitive to the initial conditions, in similar way as when Allee effect is assumed on prey. Furthermore, we determine constraints in the parameters space for which two stable attractor exist, indicating that the extinction of both population is possible in addition with the coexistence of oscillating of populations size in a unique stable limit cycle. We also show that the consideration of a threshold level of prey population for the predator is not essential in the dynamics of the model. © 2008 World Scientific Publishing Company.

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Título de la Revista: Biophysical Reviews and Letters
Volumen: 3
Número: 1-2
Editorial: World Scientific
Fecha de publicación: 2008
Página de inicio: 195
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