Packaging of bone and fat containing beef meat under a modified atmosphere containing CO2 and CO Envasado de carne de vacuno con hueso y grasa en atmósfera modificada con CO2 y CO

Aspe E.R.; Roeckel M.D.; Jimenez, R; Marti C.

Keywords: life, color, chemicals, co, bacterial, meat, shelf, atmosphere, carbon, intensities, monoxide, meats, beef, concentrations, packaging, modified, Physico, growths


The effects of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) containing CO 2 and low CO concentrations (0.1 and 0.4%) on the red color of beef meat and on its shelf life were evaluated. Microbiological, physico-chemical and organoleptic-sensorial characteristics and color of the meat were determined and the results were compared to those of meat packed under 70%O 2+30%CO2 atmosphere. The shelf life of meat packed under O2 was 30 days while for the MAP-packed samples the shelf life was 40-45 days and did not vary with the CO concentration used. The intensity of the red color of the meat packed with CO steadily increased with time, while samples packed under O2 reached a peak at day 16. The red color intensity remained unchanged for nine weeks in samples packed with 0.4% CO and the presence of CO did not affect the bacterial growth rate. Rancidity was higher in meat packed with O2 atmosphere.

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