Critical review of institutional and legal points of Chilean territorial system: A coastal zone case Revisión crítica del marco institucional y legal chileno de ordenamiento territorial: El caso de la zona costera

Andrade B.; Arenas, F.; Guijon, R

Keywords: system, chile, zone, america, management, conflict, location, planning, coastal, south, territoriality, land, use, office, spatial, legal, territorial


The increasing transformations of the Chilean coastal space raise a series of land use conflicts and significant risks caused by incompatibility of such different uses. In that context, this paper delivers an overview of the diversity of public offices in charge of coastal space regulation and management, and the issues associated to it; amongst them, their principal or subordinate functions, interaction between them, as well as the main problems arising from the point of view of the Chilean legal system, generally for purposes of territorial planning, and more specifically for coastal planning. The main legal statutes and decrees considered relevant as land use regulations are identified, including both direct and indirect regulations.

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