Sociodemographic tendencies and sociospatial segregation in Los Angeles, Chile Tendencias sociodemográficas y segregación socioespacial en los ángeles chile

Azocar, G.; Henriquez, C; Valenzuela C.; Romero, H.

Keywords: growth, demography, chile, policy, development, america, area, south, vulnerability, construction, poverty, globalization, urban, rural, analysis, land, use, road, spatial, approach, Los, Angeles, Empirical, Bio, [Bio, Bio]


In this paper the behavior of socio-demographic variables in urban and rural zones of Los Ángeles city is analyzed, Biobío region, Chile. The main demographic and social processes are identified in relationship with the fast urban growth of the city, the land use patterns and the socio-spatial segregation processes. A relation between demographic variables and social spaces were defined, mainly in the urban fringe. The importance of empirical studies is recognized in the mid cities which in the last decades have been impact by the economic globalization process and the public policies, mainly in the matter of social house and road infrastructure, recognizing those specific factors and those of nature more general than they have guided its recent urban change. It is assumed, like one of the main hypotheses, that certain demographic and social configurations show a clearly spatial pattern in the city, like the concentration of the poverty and the social vulnerability in some urban areas.

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Título de la Revista: Revista de Geografía Norte Grande
Número: 41
Fecha de publicación: 2008
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