Preliminary study of shrinkage and collapse in eucalyptus nitens Estudio preliminar de la contracción y el colapsoen eucalyptus nitens

Ananias, R.A.; Díaz, C.; Leandro, L

Keywords: eucalyptus, nitens


In this study the variation of transversal shrinkage and collapse in Eucalyptus nitens were evaluated. Fifteen trees, three of each five different families were collected from plantations of E. nitens 17 years-old, growing in the Eighth Region of Chile. The wood samples of shrinkage and collapse was obtained from the first log, in three positions from the pith to bark south (core, transition and lateral). Wood samples were prepared and then acclimatized in according to the Chilean Standards. The collapse was determined by the difference of shrinkage before and after reconditioning. Shrinkage unit coefficients and the shrinkage intersection points were also determined. The results showed variability radial transversal shrinkage and collapse of between trees and families of E. nitens. The transversal shrinkage and collapse tended to increase with radial position, despite that higher transversal shrinkage and collapse were more intense in the core or transition zones due to lower densities.

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