Hantavirosis: Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of pediatric patients in Chile Hantavirosis: Caracterización clínica-epidemiológica de pacientes pediátricos en Chile

Ferrés G M; Sandoval C. C.; Delgado B. I.; Vial C. P.A.; Sotomayor P. V.; Olea N. A.

Keywords: chile, infection, disease, severity, humans, human, male, index, illness, female, control, infant, article, child, hantavirus, season, adolescent, hospitalization, pulmonary, seasons, preschool, notification, of, syndrome, Child,


Background: The first cases of hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome in children were described in the United States and represented 8% of the total reported cases, in Chile the proportion of pediatric cases represents 15% of all national cases. Aim: To describe the epidemiology and clinical course of 82 children reported to the Chilean Ministry of Health up to 2007 and to characterize more extensively a subgroup of 24 children whose detailed clinical data were available. Results: Forty patients were under 10 years old. Seventeen (17/82) of 82 cases (20.7%) presented in the context of a family cluster. Ninety eight percent of cases (80/82) occurred among individuals living in rural areas and 66% during summer months). The overall fatality rate was 36.6%. Fever (93%), respiratory distress (75%) and gastrointestinal symptoms (75%) were the most frequent symptoms encountered in the 28 children studied more extensively. Abnormal blood coagulation test were significantly associated with death while an increased hematocrit was associated with severe cases (hemodynamic unstability). Conclusion: An early diagnosis should favor early onset of aggressive treatment that could potentially save lives. Increasing knowledge on the clinical presentation of the disease in children should improve early clinical diagnosis among health care professionals.

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