Status update of the canary on-sky MOAO demonstrator

Gendron, E; Hubert, Z; Rousset, G; Vidal F.; Gratadour, D; Brangier M.; Sevin, A; Perret, D; Marteaud, M; Morris T.; Myers R.; Talbot G.; Dipper N.; Looker N.; Younger E.; et. al.

Keywords: calibration, tomography, star, telescopes, laser, optics, optical, guide, adaptive, herschel, procedure, Large, Overall, Extremely, stabilities, William


The CANARY on-sky MOAO demonstrator is being integrated in the laboratory and a status update about its various components is presented here. We also discuss the alignment and calibration procedures used to improve system performance and overall stability. CANARY will be commissioned at the William Herschel Telescope at the end of September 2010. ©2010 SPIE.

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Título de la Revista: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Volumen: 7736
Número: PART 1
Editorial: SPIE
Fecha de publicación: 2010