Terrestrial archaeological survey in the areas of piedmont lakes, the andes and pampas in center south Chile Prospecciones arqueológicas terrestres en áreas lacustre piemontana, cordillerana y pampeana del centro sur Chileno

Munita, D.; Adan, L; Rodrigo Mera C.


The scarce archaeological research developed in Chile's center south until the past decade has led to the construction of chrono-cultural sketches, which barely account for the internal variability of the past reality in the areas of piedmont lakes and mountains of Central-South Chile. Preliminarily, we have detected strategic archaeological differences between two sectors, which likewise show cultural associations, and environmental characteristics that have allowed us to elaborate a terrestrial survey methodology according to both, by covering extensive surfaces and according to the specific environmental characteristics of the overall study area, using a subdivision on the basis of his principal hydrographic basins. This methodology has been developed using GIS as an auxiliary tool in areas with dense vegetation, bad visibility, abundant and extensive water masses and courses, presence of ancient ancestral mapuche and pewenche ethnic communities and frequent volcanic activity. We will expose a synthesis of regional archaeology, and the methodological survey strategy as implemented in the sub-areas of Villarrica-Lanín and Lonquimay-Llaima volcanic axes. The area of study is re-defined in environmental terms and one declares the presence of 179 patrimonial archaeological resources, which have been registered by means of strategies of intensive and extensive survey. Finally it is considered to be an evaluation and discussion of the work carried out.

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