TP53 codon 72 polymorphism is associated with coronary artery disease in chilean subjects

Caamano J; Saavedra, N; Jaramillo P.C.; Salazar, L.A.; Lanas F.; Lanas, C

Keywords: surveys, chile, dna, polymorphism, variability, protein, gene, risk, disease, chain, association, ratio, tumor, humans, artery, human, male, polymerase, aged, p53, health, adult, female, genotype, article, arginine, coronary, allele, variance, analysis, questionnaires, suppressor, genetic, proline, codon, confidence, case-control, controlled, intervals, clinical, studies, study, middle, of, Reaction, major, Odds, Genes,, Polymorphism,, Angiocardiography


Objective: To investigate the possible association between the codon 72 polymorphism (Pro72Arg, rs1042522) of the tumor suppressor gene (TP53) and the presence of coronary artery disease (CAD) in Chilean subjects. Subjects andMethods: A total of 209 unrelated patients with a diagnosis of CAD confirmed by angiography (33-74 years old) and 216 healthy controls (30-68 years old) were included in this study. The Pro72Arg polymorphism of the TP53 gene was evaluated by PCR-RFLP. Results: The genotype distribution for the Pro72Arg variant of the TP53 gene in CAD patients (PP: n = 13, 6.2%; PR: n = 61, 29.4%; RR: n = 135, 64.6%) and controls (PP: n = 18, 8.3%; PR: n = 94, 43.5%; RR: n = 104, 48.1%) was significantly different (p = 0.003). Similarly, the allelic frequency was also different (p = 0.003). The odds ratio for CAD related to the 72Arg allele was 2.0 (95% CI = 1.33-2.90), confirming the presence of an association. Conclusion: These findings suggest that the Pro72Arg polymorphism of the TP53 gene is associated with CAD in Chilean individuals. Copyright © 2011 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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