Influence of la in xPBBiN of ternary nanoc eramic composi te (1-x)0.5PMN -0.5PZT-xPBBiN system by mechanical activation technique for dielectric and piezo electric prop erties

Ramam, K; Chandramouli K.

Keywords: systems, energy, binary, activation, structures, complex, barium, single, composites, nanocomposites, ray, tungsten, diffraction, perovskite, bismuth, harvesting, ball, ceramics, zirconium, lanthanum, dielectric, mechanical, properties, high-energy, pmn-pzt, bronzes, niobium, crystallography, piezoelectricity, milling, compounds, response, X, and, structural, Functional, Ternary, Piezoelectric, additions, phasis, Orthorhombic, Bronze, Nanoceramic, Orthorhombicity, Piezo, electrics


(1-x)[0.5Pb(Mg0.33Nb0.67)O 3-0.5Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O 3]-x[Pb0.557Ba0.38La0.022Bi 0.02Nb2O6] with both perovskite and tungsten bronze structured composite have been synthesized through mechanical activation technique. The strong influence of lanthanum addition to the lead-barium-bismuth-niobate (xPBLBiN) ceramics in perovskite structured (1-x)PMN-PZT on structural and functional properties is confirmed. X-ray diffraction patterns studies showed that these complex composites consisted of perovskite Cubic with tungsten bronze Orthorhombic phases. La modification in PBBiN of a ternary system (1-x)PMN-PZTxPBBiN revealed intensified orthorhombicity. As La increased the dielectric and piezoelectric properties tremendously increased in (1-x)PMN-PZT-xPBLBiN nanoceramic composite. The optimum dielectric and piezoelectric properties (?RT = 2931, kp = 0.461 and d33 = 428 pC/N) were found in x =0.4 composite. We achieved novel nanocomposites synthesized by high energy ball milling method and having binary structures in a single composite with excellent functional properties that can be used for energy harvesting applications.

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