Recommendations of the Latin-American network for the study and treatment of the neuropathic pain Recomendaciones de la red Latinoamericana para el estudio y tratamiento del dolor neuropático

Rey R.; Arizaga E.; Verdugo, R; Vidal, O; Jreige A.; Juarez, H; Chinchilla D.; Colimon F.

Keywords: america, environment, medical, humans, pain, human, agents, prognosis, pathophysiology, nerves, nerve, south, agent, toxin, toxins, general, route, pathology, review, social, opioid, antidepressant, publication, literature, psychological, anticonvulsants, guideline, cannabinoid, diagnostic, latin, analgesic, aspect, practice, approach, and, Analgesics,, Narcotic, peripheral, central, Antidepressive, anticonvulsive, neuralgia, botulinum, neuropathic, Cannabinoids, practitioner


Neuropathic pain (NP) is a kind of pain which is distinct from the somatic or visceral pain that the GP is used to assessing; the clinical profile and the response to treatment of this kind of pain are different. Given its high incidence in the population, it is important that the non-specialized physician should be capable of identifying it early and start treatment. This work attempts to summarize the clinical, diagnostic, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects of NP to guide the non-specialized physician in the identification and initial treatment of patients suffering from NP. At the same time, the therapeutic options which are only available at centers specialized in the treatment of pain in patients who do not progress satisfactorily are also summarized. This work includes the updates published on the latest guidelines and recommendations, which have had a major impact worldwide. As background to this report, highly-respected professionals from our field published in 2008 an important article in Spanish. This material sets out clinical, pathophysiological and diagnostic concepts which the authors of this work mostly agree with. On the other hand, we differ significantly in the therapeutic aspects. Copyright © 2011 Prous Science, S.A.U. or its licensors. All rights reserved.

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