Prediction of equilibrium moisture content in wood in relation to the specific gravity of the cell wall and environmental variables Predicción del contenido de humedad de equilibrio de la madera en función del peso específico de la pared celular y variables ambientales

Perez-Pena, N; Valenzuela, L; Diaz-vaz J.E.; Ananias, R.A.


The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) variation owing to the time in species with different basic density (BD) was determined. Further, of generating a model for the prediction of EMC as a function of environmental factors and some physical properties of wood. Small samples of 2.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm in depth, width and length, respectively, from 3 conifers and 6 hardwoods were located in a shed at the exterior. And the weight of small samples (WSS), as well as, the temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) of air were controlled, once a week and for 2 years. After finishing the trial the basic density (BD), oven dry density (ODD), specific gravity of the cell wall (SGCW) and porosity (P) of the small samples were determined. EMC variation of wood in relation to the time was higher, in species with lower BD and higher V. The predicting model that considered the T, RH, SGCW and WSS as independent variables explained in a 98.5 % the variation of EMC. The correlation coefficient (R) between measured EMC and estimated EMC by the predicting model was 0.979.

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