Necesidades de salud desde la perspectiva de los usuarios

BEDREGAL G, Paula; Quezada V, Margarita; Torres H, Marisa; Scharager G, Judith; García O, José


"Background: The perception of the population about their needs must be considered in health care planning. Aim: To describe health care needs from the perspective of potential clients of public health services. Material and methods: An enquiry to a representative sample of 202 dwellings, ascribed to a Family Health Service, was done. Subjects were asked about the health problems in their family and neighborhood. Twelve families from this sample were randomly chosen and interviewed about their health conception, needs and demands. Results: The mean age of subjects, per dwelling, was 31 years. Fifty percent were nuclear families and 6% were mono parental. Perceived problems were economical in 60% and health related in 12%. Eighty percent of health problems were related to addictions and violence. Interviewed subjects associated health with lack of services, with their experience with illness and pain and with a risk of social isolation and incommunication. Health care demands were referred to a better medical care. People declared needs in environmental hygiene, physical and mental health self care, food and jobs. Conclusions: Using this information, simple strategies could be implemented to cope with health care demands of the population (Rev M

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Título según SCIELO: Necesidades de salud desde la perspectiva de los usuarios
Título de la Revista: REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE
Volumen: 130
Número: 11
Editorial: Sociedad Médica de Santiago
Fecha de publicación: 2002
Página de inicio: 127
Página final: 1294
Idioma: es