Strongyloidosis no autóctona en Chile: Descripción de un brote familiar

Sandoval, Lea; Mercado, Rubén; Apt, Werner; NAVARRETE, CARMEN; Contreras-Levicoy, Juan; UETA, MARLENE T.; Jercic, Maria Isabel; Castillo, Douglas

Keywords: Strongyloides stercoralis, Strongyloidosis, Intestinal helminth, Enteroparasite


A familiar outbrake of strongyloidosis affected peruvian immigrants who had arrived Chile in november 2001 is reported. In march 2002, Strongyloides stercoralis infection of the index individual was confirmed by the Basic-Clinical Laboratory of Parasitology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, in Santiago, Chile. At the Roberto del Río Pediatric Hospital, a 11 years old girl presenting juvenil rheumatoid arthritis and mild abdominal distress was studied. A serial of three stool samples was collected and procesed by ether-centrifugal concentration technique. A plentiful quantity of rhabditoid larvae of S. stercoralis was observed. To detect larvae in the faeces and specific serum antibodies against S. stercoralis by means of ELISA her parents and sister were studied. The mother of the index case and her sister were positive in both test. The father was not infected. The three positive cases were treated with Ivermectine. A control study performed one year later demonstrated a positive ELISA test only in the sister

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Título según SCIELO: Strongyloidosis no autóctona en Chile: Descripción de un brote familiar
Volumen: 59
Número: 1-2
Editorial: Sociedad Chilena de Parasitología
Fecha de publicación: 2004
Página de inicio: 76
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