Las competencias matemáticas tempranas como factor explicativo del éxito y fracaso académico en matemáticas y puntuaciones SIMCE

Pérez, Carlos; Cerda, Gamal

Keywords: mathematics, tracing, SIMCE


The aim of this project is to determine the degree of predictability that early math skills have on the levels of achievement and academic learning in mathematics and its relationship with math scores obtained in the national test SIMCE of boys and girls through a monitoring process cohort. Similarly we shall examine whether these early observed levels are positively correlated with a differentiated or socio-educational variables and emotional, such as gender, age, educational level, social background group and attitude towards math and/or other tasks. In light of the results, we will pursuit to establish a complex interaction model that accounts for the variability of SIMCE scores of students through structural equation modeling and other parsimonious models which take into account the various interrelationships or mutual dependence of all the variables examined. We seek to get answer to questions such as: Is it possible that students who had high scores in relational or numerical skills, currently presenting best Scores in mathematics education or SIMCE scores than students who had low initial scores?

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