Role of the Civil Engineer in the Contemporary Chilean Society

Forcael, E; Vargas S.; Opazo A.; Medina, L


Despite all existing information about the factors that could define a role for the Civil Engineer of the contemporary Chilean society, there is limited evidence of a study that integrates all these factors, through a model that allows defining this role by using a qualitative and quantitative analysis. This paper presents the results obtained from the analysis of the role of the Civil Engineer in the contemporary Chilean society, particularly since the creation of the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) in 1939, until today. The study focuses on obtaining information through a comprehensive literature review, along with the application of an assessment instrument (interview), to some of the most prestigious Civil Engineers in Chile, both professors and/or professionals; information that was then processed and analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). This allowed establishing some of the parameters that best define the role of the contemporary Civil Engineer in Chile, namely: Academic Background, Professional Performance, Leadership, Innovation and, Connection with Society. Quantitative analysis of these parameters was performed by means of Structural Equation Modeling, particularly through the use of Partial Least Square (PLS). In order to complement and strengthen the quantitative analysis, a qualitative analysis was also performed, through the technique of pattern-matching. Thus, it was possible to build and validate a model that would characterize the functions of the contemporary Civil Engineer, based on the aforementioned parameters, concluding that the role of this professional, in the contemporary Chilean society, is based on her/his academic background, the creativity and ingenuity that has to provide innovative solutions, through an excellent professional performance, and taking into account the welfare of the environment where she/he works.

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