Factors associated with early sexual activity among Chilean adolescents

Gonzalez E.; Molina, T; Montero A; Martínez V


Background: Nowadays, adolescent population begins sexual activity earlier, a behavior with negative psychological and social consequences. Aim: To determine the association between family factors and early sexual activity in adolescents of low and middle socioeconomic level. Material and Methods: A sample of 3,210 adolescents, who confidentially requested care in a sexual and reproductive health university center, between 2000 and 2007, was analyzed. Adolescents who started sexual activity before 15 years of age, and those who started sexual activity after 15 years of age, were compared. Data was collected from structured interviews conducted at the adolescent's first visit. Logistic regression was used to identify family factors associated with early sexual initiating in both, men and women. Results: Family factors associated with early sexual activity start were not being raised by both parents, a poor parent-child relationship, a poor family communication, mothers with a history of adolescent motherhood, mothers employed outside the home and family dysfunction. Among women, the variables associated with a higher risk of early sexual debut were not married parents and history of adolescent fatherhood record among parents. Among men, these variables were permissions without restriction during the week and punishment when family rules were broken. Conclusions: Family factors must be considered in the design of strategies to prevent early sexual activity.

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