Vascular flora of Futangue Park, Region de Los Rios (Chile)

Moreno, R; le Quesne C.; Díaz I.; Rodriguez, R


We presented the checklist of the vascular flora of the Futangue Park, a private natural protected area, in the Andean Temperate Region of southern Chile. We recorded 295 species, distributed in 91 families and 165 genera. This park support an important proportion of the flora from temperate forests of southern South America (ca. 40-70%). The 66% of plant species living in the park were native, with an 8% of the flora considered as threatened at national level. A high percentage of endemic species (19%) characterized the flora of the Futangue Park. The species richness was higher than expected based on the knowledge from nearby areas. Also, few and scarce exotic species were found, which also indicates this area is well preserved. Our report contributes to fill the gaps in the knowledge of plant richness and its distribution in the Andes, providing important information for the conservation and management of this and other protected areas.

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