Endemism in Mainland Regions – Case Studies

Vanderplank, S.E.; Moreira-Munoz A.; Hobohm, C; Pils, G.; Noroozi, J; Clark, V.R.; Hobohm, C

Keywords: endemism, richness, islands


Vascular plant endemism of different mainland regions in relation to ecological conditions and habitats is analysed in detail. The regions belong to different biogeographical zones, climates and are of different sizes. Because of their species richness, level of endemism, and a long history of human occupation affecting the biota, some of the regions are partly or completely located in Biodiversity Hotspots. To address threats and to make real advances in conservation actions using the relatively novel conservation biogeography approach, we need to better identify endemism patterns at a finer scale and improve our understanding of the processes underlying the high levels of plant richness and endemism. This contribution seeks to assess the levels of endemism in meso-scale habitats or vegetation formations, and also looks into the causes of these biotic singularities and the implications for conservation.

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